Kagami is a trustless open source dApp and suite of tooling for sophisticated risk management. Kagami allows digital asset management to scale. Kagami is a policy engine delivered by dApp that allows anyone with digital assets to apply risk controls to those assets. These controls can be post-transaction or pre-transaction controls. The platform provides a sophisticated risk management environment without any limitations on minimum transaction volume or monthly spend (unlike most centralized crypto custodians) to become a valued customer. A high quality policy layer is provided at low cost to users. There is no minimum transaction volume required and hence Kagami offers risk control to the full spectrum of users trading digital assets from crypto enthusiast right up to enterprise.
In order to access a risk management policy layer (without Kagami) involves engaging a custodian. To do so often requires receiving sales calls and emails, undertaking KYC, signing custodian T&C’s, signing NDA’s and lastly committing to a minimum monthly spend over many months. Kagami provides a turnkey policy layer with many features. Best of all Kagami will integrate with many wallet types and custodians allowing the best of both worlds.
Kagami complements an organisation's existing digital asset management practices. Digital assets are constantly observed and policy controls initiate powerful automated actions based on observations made.
  • Kagami provides an extra layer of protection for digital assets - monitor and respond in real-time to asset movements outside of agreed norms.
  • Kagami increases asset management sophistication - deploy multiple pre-built policies in a turnkey fashion. Our polices have been curated by DeFi natives.
  • Kagami offers public polices that monitor on-chain entities such as promonent DAO's, crypto miners and DeFi projects. Anyone can subscribe to public policies and receive alert notifications on policy breaches.
  • Kagami offers wallet integration for transaction enforcement.
Kagami operates on all major blockchains. Self custody is fully supported.
Last modified 5mo ago