Kagami is a perfect fit for digital asset traders who fall into two pools being:
  • DEFI
  • CEX
DEFI: Self-custody is common within DeFi as the philosophy of the DeFi movement is users being in 100% control aka self custody. This however introduces additional risk. Investors have little visibility once funds are deployed by third party managers into DeFi protocols. Visibility is a problem Kagami solves via wallet watchers, policy breach alerts and on-chain trust records.
CEX: Many centralised exchanges are custodial and their users trust the exchange to manage their private keys. However in order to access a risk management layer an external custodian must be engaged (who integrates with the CEX). Whilst many CEX platforms own a custodian it is still an independent offering with all the red tape and associated barriers to entry.
Kagami offers an independent risk management layer and many of the features are compatible with any CEX providing oversight and visibility to investors and interested parties without any requirement for such parties to have access to CEX. Note that certain features like Transaction Holds/MPC/Pre-transaction advice will only work on supported exchanges as Kagami must integrate with their API.